Welcome! – ¡Bienvenido!  Dos Árboles Eco Resort, formerly Vecchia Toscana, is situated in the unique Caribbean village of Livingston; or as locals call it, La Buga.  We are family owned and operated, having changed the name to reflect the new ownership in 2017.  In honor of the original builder/owner, who made the decision to build our restaurant around two large palm trees rather than cut them down, our eco resort is named Dos Árboles or two trees.  Click on the “Eco Resort” tab to find out more about what we are doing to help our planet.

Livingston, a charming town located at the mouth of the Rio Dulce, is unique in Guatemala due to its Garifuna culture. A fusion of Garifuna and Mayan cultures, La Buga is alive with color! Here you can experience a ceremonial cleansing by a Mayan shaman and then dance the punta to Garifuna drumming all in the same day. The natural beauty of the Caribbean, rain forest, waterfalls, lakes, and Rio Dulce are all at your fingertips! Guidebooks call it the place where “marimba meets Marley”, a truly unique area and culture! What adventure will you embark on while you are here?




Livingston, Guatemala: Weather Forecast